Student Workshop “Guerrilla Landscape”

Thu 11 October
9am - 5pm
On Invitation only

The students work in a group and be presented with a provocation to respond to by rapidly creating a radical installation to confront, intrigue, and enthral visitors to the International Festival of Landscape Architecture.

The challenge is, within 7 hours, to create convincing designs of a high quality, without drawing from a rich pool of materials. Like alchemists, the students will deal with existing simple elements within the scope of given, defined conditions, and from these produce radical, provoking, extreme, unabashed designs and installations that reach beyond decoration.

The following Universities are participating in the program: QUT, University of Canberra, RMIT, UNSW, University of Melbourne, University of Western Australia and UTS.

Contact Shelley if you have any queries.

Photo: Superkilen by TOPOTEK1 - Credit: Iwan Baan