Director, AKAS landscape architecture

Anthony Sharples is the co–founder of AKAS landscape architecture, a multidisciplinary design studio focused on projects within the public, private and academic realm facilitating landscape experiences, spatial understandings and change.

Anthony comes from a fine art background and has studied in Japan, Netherlands, Indonesia and Melbourne, he is a Landscape Architect and University Lecturer. Anthony has an interest in the current urban framework of modern cities and is fascinated with the notion of ‘hyper-reality’, the fragmentation of modern society caused by the proliferation of devices, technology and distraction. Anthony is interested in the role future public space will play in reconnecting people with the landscape.

Anthony is interested in landscape as a spatial force and experience. His design approach has developed through the act of observation and is refined through a process of revisiting design sites post implementation to learn through the built outcome. Anthony has investigated key interests through a Masters thesis project and continues to explore and develop ideas through his design practice AKAS landscape architecture and University teaching.