Author, 'Call of the Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture - A New Earth'


Title: Regenerative Agriculture and Landscape Design: An Important Synergy**

Regenerative Agriculture is an old yet new way of farming - and for both small and large acreages. Its various methods can be applied to any region and climate.
This is because regenerative agriculture involves an ecological approach to agriculture and gardening that enables natural systems and their functions to not just be renewed but also be enabled to do the renewing: to self-organize back to healthy functioning.
A key challenge in design (both farming and architecture) is how, via human agency, do we restore natural function and enable agency in the landscape itself. This talk addresses these questions with a view to efficient function and beautiful, regenerating landscapes.


Charlie Massy, BSc PhD OAM

Charles gained a BSc in Zoology at ANU (1976), before going farming and developing a prominent Merino sheep stud business (Severn Park). He still manages the family’s grazing property in NSW while teaching at universities and consulting in the fields of Merino breeding and landscape design.

Charles has chaired and served as a Director on a number of national and international review panels and boards of business, research organisations and statutory wool bodies, involving garment manufacture, wool marketing, R&D, molecular genetics and genomics.

Charlie has engaged in freelance journalism since 1977, and has published books on Merino sheep history and the political destruction of the Australian wool industry.

His concern about land degradation and the Anthropocene crisis led to him completing a PhD in Human Ecology (ANU) in 2012. This resulted in his new book, Call of the Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture – A New Earth (UQP Sept. 2017) concerning the emergence of a regenerative agriculture in Australia and cause for hope.

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