Founding Partner, Bush Projects


Title: (In Search of) the LoopHole:
Subverting do you make it work for you**

Situated between a range of culturally established disciplines, the complexity of Landscape Architecture practice encompasses a breadth of applications, which allows for limitless potential within a rapidly evolving field. However this complexity also presents a paradoxical range of limitations, necessitated by countless procedures of permission and the required broad acceptance of all stakeholders and the client.

Rules, regulations and the expectations of others are all influenced by the current cultural context, what - if anything - could we do to influence our own parameters?

How can we collectively create the space, time and funds to deeply consider and explore the greater potentials of our practice as we enter a new age?


Sarah co-founded the landscape architecture and public art practice Bush Projects in 2012. Sarah’s background in fine art and public art has informed her approach to design, which is guided by the specific conditions and overlapping contextual narratives of site. She employs a multidisciplinary approach to explore the potential cultural, social, recreational and experiential values of landscape in both the domestic and public realm.

Bush Projects is a cross disciplinary public art and landscape architecture studio, comprising of a team of artists and landscape architects.

The practice investigates the way people experience and interact with landscape focusing on human occupation, ecological processes and aesthetic consequences. Underpinned by a belief that design requires a site specific approach that engages directly with the local social and environmental conditions, the practice utilises dynamic materials to deliver projects in both the public and domestic realm.