Landscape Architect & Interior Designer

Gini Lee is a landscape architect, interior designer and pastoralist and is Professor at the University of Melbourne, Australia. She was the Elisabeth Murdoch Chair of Landscape Architecture at UoM from 2011 to 2017.

Gini's academic focus in research and teaching is on cultural and critical landscape architecture and spatial interior design theory and studio practice, to engage with the curation and postproduction of complex landscapes. Focusing on arid environments, her multidisciplinary research into the water landscapes of remote territories contributes to the scientific, cultural, and Indigenous understanding of and management strategies for fragile landscapes.

Gini's recent landscape curation and installation practice is an experiment with Deep Mapping methods to investigate the cultural and scientific landscapes of remote and rural Australia, Scandinavia, global archipelagos and the arid lands of western USA. Since 2014 she is an invited researcher at SLU Malmo where she collaborates in fieldwork based research into transect travel methodologies.

Gini is a registered landscape architect and contributes to the strategic planning, design and practice of urban and educational landscapes in Melbourne and beyond.

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