Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design


Talk title- In the Mud: Collaborations in Research, Design, and Outreach

This talk will lean on a series of working collaborative projects focused on the intersection of design, research, and sediment management. The presentation will also discuss how projects such as these create new opportunities for practice, particularly in relation to academic research. The work of and around the Dredge Research Collaborative (DRC) will be used to describe an example of this mode of practice. The DRC example is illuminating with respect to how we have been able to leverage the landscape actor of sediment to formulate an ongoing series of real and theoretical projects that bring together a wide range of collaborators and public constituents ranging from federal agencies to individual residents.


Sean Burkholder is Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania school of design. He is also the director of the Landscape Affairs Group, a Landscape Research and Design consultancy focused on the human-entangled freshwater ecosystems of postindustrial regions, and a member of the Dredge Research Collaborative. Underpinning all of his work is a particular interest in the way in which substrate and ecology influence the urban landscape and how these systems are interpreted by others. Sean lectures, consults, and serves as a design critic internationally and his work has been published widely in books and journals including The Third Coast Atlas (Actar 2017), Places Journal, The Journal of Landscape Architecture, The Journal of Landscape Research, CLOG and others. Sean holds an undergraduate degree in Architecture from Miami University and a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.