Head of School Architecture and Built Environment, University of Newcastle, Australia

SueAnne Ware is a Professor of Landscape Architecture and the Head of School Architecture and Built Environment at the University of Newcastle, Australia. She is the founder of
out(fit), an all-female collective of design practitioners and academics as well as a self-confessed design activist. As landscapes are often in public spaces, she believes that landscape architects share a responsibility for setting the political, social and environmental agenda. Ware's projects reflect her strong commitment to society's marginalised groups and an exploration of issues such as drug addiction, 'illegal' refugee policy and homelessness. She aims to create spaces that generate friction, where protests are permitted and possible, where the attention of passers-by is drawn to some of society's most pervasive issues, and where those passers-by who choose to engage with the space may discover insight into what Ware hopes is a more humanitarian approach to those issues. Her design projects have won national and international awards; including The SIEV X memorial, the Road as Shrine, and the Anti-Memorial to Heroin Overdose Victims.

SueAnne has qualifications in Landscape Architecture from Colorado State University, the University of California at Berkeley and a PhD from RMIT University. In 2011, Ware joined with Julian Raxworthy to publish Sunburnt: Landscape Architecture in Australia, a text that explores contemporary Australian practice through projects that opened across Australia between 1995 and 2009. Using a framework that characterises the projects as either iconic, emergent or provocative, the book aims to provoke discussion on different ways of thinking about landscape architectural practice and discourse in Australia. With Professor Gini Lee, Ware is co-editor of Making Sense of Landscape (2014), a collection of essays by leading writers, academics, curators, artists and designers that uncover the history of prestigious, multi award-winning landscape architecture firm Taylor Cullity Lethlean. Ware brings her strong interest and commitment to equity and diversity, design education and practice-based research to the discipline of Landscape Architecture.